Thackers Fresh 48

Newborn (“Fresh 48”) Hospital Session, San Diego, with the Thacker family and their newest addition, Pierce.

A lot of people ask me, “What IS a Fresh 48 session?”

It is a newer thing - so let me explain a little! A Fresh 48 is a session taken within 48 hours of a baby’s birth. Newborn babes change so much so fast, and capturing them within those first two days is so magical! Usually, these sessions are taken at the hospital - so the day after the baby is born, but before you go home. They can also be taken in your home once you get home from the hospital, or if you had a home birth!

Something that can be part of a Fresh 48 that the Thacker Family did, is they had me capture their other children meeting the new baby for the first time! Many moms of multiple kids have told me that they wish that they had captured that moment better - when a child is meeting their sibling for the first time. Scroll down for the magic and wonder that is in these boys’ eyes as they meet their new brother. (Insert heart-eye emoji!)

IMG_8051 copy.jpg
Jessica Livingston