about me

Hello, my name is Jessica Livingston, and I'm your next photographer! (sorry, that was cheesy) Here's a little background on what makes me, ME:  I graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho with my bachelors degree in International Studies. I married my husband in 2016, and after moving all over, we are finally in the greater San Diego area! I am a new mama to my sweet little baby Kai. (Check out my Instagram for some pictures of his chubby little face!!) I love to eat burritos way too much, sit at the beach, explore new places, and meet new people. My second job is as the Executive Director (CEO, baby!) of a non-profit foundation called African Promise Foundation. It operates out of Uganda, Africa - my second home. I am so intrigued with all kinds of people and learning about their unique life stories. I think that's what originally enthralled me the most about photography; capturing different stories that are important to people. 

If I could take pictures all day every day, I would! I love to capture people in their natural moments. My goal is to convey raw emotion with each image - a picture is truly worth a thousand words! I believe that the best way to be able to remember life is to take pictures of it - we are all changing so much every day, month, and year... (especially those little ones) and its so worth it to have pictures taken in order to remember every part of life.

I also am a firm believer that "the good old days" are currently happening, and someday we will look back on today as the best time of our lives, and I know I don't want to be one to look back and think “I wish I had taken more photos”. (Had to slide in the Schitt’s Creek reference, if you know you know)

So head over to my Contact page, shoot me an email, and lets preserve life's moments for you and your loved ones!