Before we talk money, I want to have a lil convo/story time!

(Skip to “MORAL OF THE STORY” if you’re on a time crunch)

Long story short, I had to cut off my wedding ring while I was pregnant cause swelling made me have the biggest fingers. ANYWAY, once he was born, it was time to get my ring fixed! My husband and I went to ring shops to get an idea of how much it would be to fix it. Prices were usually around $300-400, so we determined that was a good price, BUT we went to a ring shop that said they would fix it for FORTY DOLLARS. Now, we are all for saving money, BUT $40?! For a 2.5-size-addition of high quality gold with detailing/styling added?! NO. WAY. I’ll admit, we were tempted, but we reasoned…

“We could try to trust this number and that they’ll do what they say they’ll do, but the odds that my ring will look good and last forever still??? Probably NOT. It’s impossible!”

And you’d do the same thing right??? That’s just absolutely unbelievable. End of story is… we went with maybe the 2nd or 3rd highest price, my ring is fixed and on my finger. (BUT, it honestly could have been done better).

I’m sure you can guess that I’m about to tie this into photography! Disclaimer: I am not the most expensive photographer in San Diego. In fact, in my network of San Diego Photographers, I am on the lower end of the pricing scale! But just like in the ring story, you ARE getting what you are paying for. Not every photoshoot is made equal, and you can bet your bottom dollar that those $50 photoshoots and $300 weddings you can find on Facebook are NOT going to be even worth the $50/300 you are spending.

You want these photos to last forever, right?! These photos are important to your family, your marriage, and your relationships, right? Life happens, things change, and people pass on… does that make your photos with them that much important? YES. You want the best quality photos you can possibly have.

There are legitimate reasons that photographers have the prices they do. A lot goes into this business; equipment, softwares, photo delivery sites, advertising, TIME, education, training/experience, equipment again, legal fees, TAXES, servers for your back-ups, insurance, etc. The cheaper the photographer, the less of these things they are actually paying for… the more expensive photographer; you’re going to get all of this, and more!


I love my clients. I want you to be happy. I want you to remember the important things in life and to have them documented in the best way you can. I want to my pricing to be easy to find, but I just have to share what's on my mind and be open and honest.

I understand being on a budget and I'm not offended when you tell me you can't afford me. I just want you to understand that this is an important investment, it's worth saving up for, and getting the job done right.

Peace and love, y'all. Check it out!!

**I want to work with my wedding clients’ budgets as much as possible. Let me know what spending restrictions you have in your wedding budget - I want to make this possible for YOU! Everyone deserves to have the absolute best images of their big day.


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